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Clear and Confident English Pronunciation Mastery

The EASIEST And FASTEST Way To Speak English Clearly And Confidently

...Without years of practice, using ineffective apps, or painstakingly learning every difficult English word on its own.

Customer Reviews

"This course demystifies the concept of accent reduction and clear speech. The videos are clear and crisp and you feel like the instructor is right there with you. Rebecca is very knowledgeable. This course breaks down all the sounds in North American English and teaches you how to produce those sounds. Learning from Rebecca, I have improved my speech and accent, I am also more confident during presentations at work. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their accent and gain more confidence. To get the most impact, the student should do an initial speech assessment so that they know what sounds to focus on to make the most impact."

Review by Jen

"I just watched some of your videos, and I must say I really enjoyed them. I told myself I would just spend 30 minutes on the videos before bedtime, but ended up spending more than an hour on the videos."

Review by Chan

"If you want to be understood when you speak, or worried about your thick accent take this [video] course to help lessen your accent"

Review by Angel

Be understood. Speak clearly.

I'm Ready!

  • CONNECT with others so you can feel COMFORTABLE speaking English

  • Speak English with confidence and finally ENJOY conversations in English!

  • Be understood when speaking English so you can be an EFFECTIVE communicator

  • Appear professional and POLISHED when speaking English at work and in social situations


    Module 1: How to Identify the basics of speech and where your problems stem from

    If you know what your problems are, you know where to start. Once you understand the mystery of why your pronunciation is causing you trouble, you can exponentially change your speech with just a few adjustments. This means you can fix your own pronunciation issues with confidence and will no longer have to guess or rely on others for feedback.

    Module 2: How to confidently pronounce all of the most used sounds in the North American English accent

    If you can adjust the most used sounds, you will have the greatest impact in your pronunciation with the least amount of effort. This means you can be understood the first time you speak with others and feel confident you will know how to correct yourself when you are faced with any difficult word in English!

    Module 3 : How to understand and utilize the "music" of English pronunciation to your benefit so you can speak fluently with impact.

    If you can use the rules of emphasis, stress, and linking, you will become an effective and charismatic speaker. This means you will not only no longer need to repeat yourself, but you will begin to enjoy speaking English with others and your confidence will shine through!


  • On-demand VIDEOS for simple clear instruction! 

  • Downloadable AUDIO FILES so you can learn and practice anywhere, any time

  • Downloadable practice HANDOUTS to use how you want

  • FULL ACCESS on mobile, computer, and TV

  • Get over 6 MONTHS worth of practice materials all in one place. *Suggested pace of 1 hour of practice daily

    You’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before!

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