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We've Trained Many Clients Just Like You...

“I interviewed four other programs and your program was the greatest value. It was fun! I enjoyed every lesson! I absolutely feel I know what I’m doing now! I'm also paying attention more, because when I record and listen, I think that I sound much better! The Videos and handouts were helpful. The practice sentences were really good. I loved that anything I really needed or had doubts with I could ask any time!"

"My colleague told me that she noticed a difference in my speech; [she] said I am so much better than I was before. I'm feeling really good!”

Anya is 28, and was born in Ukraine. She learned English when she was 7 years old but struggled with English because of her pronunciation. Anya explained that her goal was to improve her English pronunciation to enhance her communication skills at work and in her social life. After completing the 13 week PROactive Accent Modification program with Rebecca, Anya improved her English pronunciation by 90%!


Human Resources Assistant

From Ukraine

“I’m really happy, now I have the knowledge. I’m much more confident when I’m speaking because I know what to correct.”

Selina’s first language is Portuguese, and has been speaking English for 5 years. Selina wanted to improve her English pronunciation for personal reasons; she wanted to feel more confident when speaking English, and she wanted to improve her clarity. Selina said that she often has to repeat herself to others. Selina completed another well-known self study course prior to enrolling in the PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program, and although she thought “it had good information”, she said that since “it was not one-on-one, she didn’t get the feedback she needed to actually make improvements”. After the PROactive Pronunciation System, Selina improved her English pronunciation by 85%!



From Brazil

“The Chinese English teachers who were not native English speakers taught me incorrectly.”

Ruby has a Master’s degree. She had spoken English for more than 12 years before she decided to seek help with her accent. Ruby wanted nothing more than to be taken seriously in her profession. She felt she was not being heard. After working with me Ruby improved her English pronunciation by 81%!


Commercial Real Estate

From China

"I was doing video production with my boss this week, and noticed I was only asked to repeat myself once, when previously it would have been a lot of times, way fewer! When I listened to my speech prior to the program I realized how much I have improved so far, I sound “way better” than compared to before.”

Niran had been speaking English since he was 3 years old. He began the PROactive Pronunciation System because he was tired of repeating himself to native English speakers, and he wanted to feel more confident speaking, and wanted to ensure his future career goals were not impacted by his English communication skills. After 13 weeks, he achieved an 81% improvement in his English pronunciation.


University Student

From China

“I think this [program] is great! I loved it!!”

Elle is a native Mandarin speaker who had emigrated from China and had been speaking English for more than four years but, the BIG problem was that people were still having difficulty understanding her. After Elle's 13 weeks in the PROactive Pronunciation Program  those problems are a thing of the past!


Early Childhood Educator

From China

Yasmine is an Engineer who is a native Spanish speaker who learned English as a child. Unfortunately more than 30 years of speaking English didn't improve her pronunciation. She came to us because she felt she was losing out on promotions because of her communication skills.

“I have learned to not be ashamed to go back to the basics. This program was a great journey! There was a lot of discovering. I have increased my awareness, and have been focusing on pausing, and phrasing. I can hear the difference in my speech. I am now more aware of my own final consonant deletions when I heard myself in videos. You really do need to go back, and relearn the correct ways [of pronunciation] to make any kind of difference.”



From Spain

“I have recommended you to a friend, and I plan to have one of my employees also complete your program. I really enjoy these sessions, they are the highlight of my day. I worked with a German teacher for pronunciation in the past, but did not receive an analysis as in depth and detailed as you provided, I was actually very impressed.”

Sven is from Germany. He learned English in school and has been practicing nearly on a daily basis for 20 years. After joining and completing Instruction with Rebecca through the PROactive Pronunciation System, Sven improved his English pronunciation by 82%! His goals to improve his confidence when speaking and finally speaking English with clarity was finally achieved!


Business leader, Professional speaker, Entrepreneur mentor

From Germany

“I’m very happy with my results”. "I really like the feedback when I send an audio file. Your feedback is extremely helpful! It really helps to find the issues I don't hear myself.”

Sam is from China, and has been speaking English for over 26 years. He said he found it difficult to express himself in large social settings and meetings, and that it was impacting his career and preventing him from applying to leadership positions. He explained that he would often shy away from such a situation due the fear that people may not understand what he was saying. He knew that with an improvement in his pronunciation, that his communication skills would open up opportunities in the workplace and socially. After joining and completing Instruction with Rebecca through the PROactive Pronunciation System, Sam improved his English pronunciation by 87%! He now has the benefits of his new communication skills in order to spearhead his career and his confidence!



From China

Jian is from China. He moved to Canada and had been speaking English for over 19 years. He explained that his communication skills were extremely important in his career as a large portion of his position included presenting to high stakes executives. Jian was having difficulties being understood and was frequently asked to repeat himself.

He explained that during presentations, it was clear to him by the faces of the listeners that they were straining to understand him during talks and presentations. Jian wanted to improve the clarity of his speech, be understood, and have a greater impact communicating the important information he was trying to convey. His clarity and confidence when speaking English impacted him in such a significant way!

“It’s indeed a very rewarding journey to be with you, to get customized well designed sessions from you. I speak in a more confident way now!”

“I gave you very good feedback to my company as they will likely be sending you other clients due to your professionalism. I am very happy with my instruction! I speak in a more confident way now. I can feel the difference in my speech. It’s an effective and productive program. You are very professional and patient. I appreciate your help, patience and support. I wish my teachers would have told me this 20 years ago!”


Senior Manager/Consultant and AI expert

From China

“I’m so glad I didn't try to do this on my own because nothing would have improved. I didn't know what to do before but now I know what to do.”

“You have been very helpful! I like the videos and audio sounds. It made it easier to practice while on the move. Everything has helped. The program helped improve my pronunciation. The program helped me figure out the mistakes I make during a conversation. Now I find myself stopping and correcting my speech. My speech is better…MUCH MUCH better. I'm more confident than before! I got the job!”

Gillian is from Rwanda and worked in the Medical field for research development. She had been speaking English in the United States for over 20 years before she decided to finally seek professional Instruction with the PROactive Accent Modification Program. Gillian struggled with being understood. She wanted to make sure people could understand her. Gillian wanted to improve her communication skills mainly for her career. Her position required many virtual meetings where her pronunciation was essential to be an effective communicator. Her goal was to move up in her career and she wanted to apply to higher positions in her field. Gillian understood that her communication skills were important for higher mobility. She wanted to be able to speak with clarity and accuracy.

After joining and completing the 13 week PROactive Pronunciation Program, Gillian not only improved her English pronunciation by 80%, but she also landed the job she applied for just prior to finishing the program! Go Gillian!


Research development, Finance and Grants Coordinator

From Rwanda

“I do see the difference! I know when I’m making a mistake now.”

Rajas is from Bangladesh and works in software development. He had been speaking English since he was in grade school, but finally decided to seek professional Instruction with the PROactive Accent Modification Program after years of struggling with insecurities about his communication skills. Rajas was concerned about how his pronunciation was affecting his public speaking skills as well as in social situations with friends. Rajas wanted to be able to speak with clarity and confidence when dating and meeting new people. He was beyond annoyed with having to repeat himself and it was significantly impacting his confidence.

After receiving Instruction through the PROactive Pronunciation Program, Rajas not only vastly improved his confidence when speaking English, he improved his English pronunciation by 84% and he even landed the job he applied for during the program!


Software Developer

From Bangladesh

"A couple people have said I sound a lot better!"

Li came to Canada from China in 2001 in her 20’s and has been speaking English in Canada for more than 20 years and has a MBA in Finance. Li explained that she was noticing that her pronunciation and English communication issues were affecting her career and credibility, especially when in work meetings and board meetings. When speaking to others, it was clear to her that they did not understand her 100%. She also stated that it has affected her personally. She reported feeling extremely frustrated, as she felt that her authority as a leader in her workplace was being undermined by her communication skills. Li explained that as a result of this her confidence was low.

Li decided that she had struggled with this problem for too long so she reached out for qualified help and began the PROactive Accent Modification Program.

After only a few sessions Li was excited to announce "I am noticing all the sounds at the ends of words even more now, even sounds we haven't worked on yet!"  I'm paying more attention to my speech." Li even explained that her husband, even after only a few sessions, has already made comments that she was attending to her accuracy in speech more.

With the PROactive Accent Modification Program, you too can begin to see significant changes in your pronunciation and communication skills starting from the first session! Take the first step and book a consultation session to start your journey to clear English pronunciation today!


Non-Profit Finance

From China

“I did not expect to improve that much! This is going to be life changing for me.”

Peter learned English in adulthood, but experienced difficulties with being understood; primarily in his workplace.

Peter explained that he would be training others in his field and that his communication skills needed to be improved in order for him to be effective in his role.


Food Manufacturing

From Yugoslavia

“This work has been so helpful! I used to go by how things were spelled, and for so long I have been making these errors. So many things make sense to me now! I got a lot out of this program I learned a lot! I know what to do now!”

“Other programs were geared towards materials and tutorials. I wanted personal instruction about my own issues with feedback. It’s a journey. It’s been great!"

Manbir started speaking English when he was 19. Now in his 50’s he decided it was past time to focus on a problem he’d been dealing with for decades. Manbir explained that his English pronunciation difficulties have affected his confidence when speaking and that he believed this has impacted his ability to get promotions. He was confident that he would have been in a managerial position by now but his pronunciation and confidence when speaking has held him back. Manbir completed the PROactive Pronunciation Program and had nothing but positives to say about his experience.

“I got better. People seem to be getting it, like on conference calls. I’m getting things right now. Before, I could hear “quietness.” They didn’t want me to repeat myself again. (I notice) not so much “quiet” time anymore! “

“I started to finally hear the sounds that I was doing [differently]. I wasn’t aware of it before!”

“The conversation practice has been really good practice, it’s a big eye opener for me.”


Electrical Engineer

From Sri Lanka

"So, I moved to Canada, and while communicating with people, I was always told they didn’t understand me or misinterpret what I was saying. This was frustrating for me, and for them also, I would presume. I decided to work on my pronunciation because, firstly, Canada had become a permanent home for me, and it would benefit me in communicating with people. Secondly, I am in a profession where I have to communicate with clients regularly; apart from communication, it would help build client trust and confidence that I can resolve their issues."

"I was searching the internet and came across your website. I watched your video and I loved the honesty. That made me sign up for the PROactive Accent Modification Program. My favourite feature of the program was the video content that I can use to practice."

"I started to make efforts to speak slower because I became aware of the difference in pronunciation. I can apply the new pronunciation when reading a report or meeting notes at work. A colleague noticed the changes and that made me happy. Now she is interested in helping."

"It has made me more confident. I would recommend this program to others. I think you offer more than modifying an accent."

“This past week I noticed that when fixing the /r/ and /H/ it was a lot better. I didn't have [people] ask me to repeat myself or say “I can't understand you”. I know what to do now! I adjust myself. I thought it would be uncomfortable but it wasn't. That gave me a bit of confidence!"

Ihotu is a Masters student from Nigeria. She came to Canada two years ago. Ihotu received her master’s in law in the United Kingdom and worked for the Nigerian government as a legal advisor. Ihotu struggled with being understood when speaking English. Ihotu explained that her communication skills were a barrier for her in her career. She felt that her difficulty with communicating effectively was outweighing her incredible resume and undermining her true skills. Ihotu was able to complete the PROactive Pronunciation Program all while still completing her Master’s degree and studying and passing her first Bar Examination.

Ihotu had a lot on her plate with being in school and studying for law exams while doing the PROactive Accent Modification program. She faced her pronunciation issues head-on, despite her busy workload and was able to make significant gains in her intelligibility and confidence when speaking.


Masters Student of Law

From Nigeria

Thoughts BEFORE starting the program:

“Even though I have been in the United States for a long time, I have a hard time with being heard and being understood clearly. One day my current supervisor came to me and gave me advice to improve my public speaking skills and improve my accent. He said in order for me to have a great career those things are a necessity. This is why I decided to join an accent reduction program. So one day I decided to start searching for a program. I wanted a real coach and not a self-study program. I wanted to receive feedback from a live person and not from a robot. So while I was searching I came across PROactive Speech and Accent Reduction. I signed up for the 30 minute intro session with Rebecca. She gave me an overview of the program and she told me how the cost and structure works and I thought it looked fair and reasonable so I decided to give it a try."

"I’m looking to improve my accent, improve my English skills, and be heard and understood very easily. I’m looking forward to this program!”

This is what he had to say AFTER having completed the program:

“This program was very helpful for me. Rebecca Bower, the instructor, made sure that not only I understood each concept but I could easily apply it into my daily life. I received not only instructions but the assignments to practice and improve. She also took her time to evaluate each assignment and provided me feedback to improve. After this program my friends and colleagues have noticed a difference in my pronunciation and my speaking style. I highly recommend this program for those who want to learn to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t occur in their native language. If you want to remove communication barriers and raise your self-confidence then you should definitely join this program. It is customized to meet your needs.”

“One of my colleagues told me that he noticed a difference in my speech. It's been really helpful! I feel pretty good now considering where I was before. I can catch myself now. It's becoming natural. I definitely notice a difference, this is much better! Some sounds are becoming normal for me. It's definitely helpful!"

Patag came to the United States 25 years ago and works as a project manager. He was looking for a comprehensive Accent Modification program that included feedback as he understood how this was essential for any real improvement to be achieved. Patag was already part of toastmasters clubs, and well versed in strategies to be a great public speaker, but what he lacked were the specific skills of clear and articulate speech. Patag explained that he felt that his pronunciation “may be keeping [him] away from higher positions" in his career and he knew he needed knowledgeable instruction with feedback to overcome this obstacle.

After having completed the 13 week PROactive Accent Modification program, Patag improved his General North American English Pronunciation by 87%!

Congratulations Patag!


Senior Project Manager

From India

What Chan said before starting the PROactive Accent Modification Program:

“So I grew up in Malaysia and I always thought that I was a good English speaker. I never got anything less than an A in English when I was in school. But when I moved to Canada a few years back I noticed that people often had difficulties understanding me. I was often asked to repeat myself. Sometimes I would even get laughed at for my pronunciation of certain words. The experience usually left me a bit embarrassed and even annoyed. So I decided to seek professional help. Realizing that I had pronunciation issues lead me to avoid certain words. I knew I needed to seek help to improve my speaking if I wanted to better fit into this country; because like it or not people make judgments based on first impressions and it’s really difficult to make a good first impression if people have difficulties understanding me. So I did try to improve my speaking by watching YouTube videos on accent reduction. Some of them were helpful but it was hard to achieve real progress when I couldn’t get personalized feedback. You can’t correct something if you didn’t know what mistakes you’re making. So that’s when I decided to get professional help. So I really hope that I can improve my speaking with the PROactive System and hopefully by the end of this course people will understand me better and I won’t have to repeat myself all the time.”

What Chan had to say AFTER completing the program:

"Before I signed up for the PROactive Accent Modification Program, I tried to improve my pronunciation with the help of YouTube videos. But without a structured lesson plan and personalized feedback, I felt like I was going nowhere. I compared a couple pronunciation programs before I signed up for this program. Your program stood out to me because I got to speak with you directly to learn more about the program before signing up. Whereas the other programs only allowed me to speak with their sales team over the phone for a limited time. Having the opportunity to speak with whom I will be working with and learn about how the program would help me gave me the confidence that the money I spend on this program would help me reach my goal."

"My favorite part of the program is the personalized feedback that you provided me. You helped me a lot not just with pronunciation, but also the grammar aspect of the English language."

"I’m very satisfied with the results. I noticed significant improvement in my pronunciation after just a couple lessons with you!"

"I am now able to speak the language confidently. And people can understand me clearly most of the time. Most importantly, I also get to sing with confidence!"

"I would recommend this program to others. You have been a very patient instructor, and I can tell that you care deeply about your clients’ progress. You always provided me with useful feedback when I reached out to you. And your cheerful personality made the learning experience less stressful, and more enjoyable.”

After having completed the PROactive Accent Modification Program, Chan improved his overall pronunciation by a whopping 89% and is experiencing the benefits in his social life and career every day!

Are you ready to speak effectively and confidently like Chan? If so, begin the program today by booking your free consultation!



From Malaysia

"I feel much more confident.” 

“I discovered a number of different things that are related to my English pronunciation issues. I can hear myself better and I can hear more in other people's speech and how they speak. I noticed those things before when others spoke but did not know why it was happening. It means I can understand the difference now so I know what to do. My family was surprised that I decided to seek out pronunciation lessons, but now they are really proud of me!"


PhD, Psychotherapist

From Ukraine

"I have learned a lot! It will only get better from here! I know what to do now. I just need to keep reminding myself. With conscious effort I'm putting it in. I am more aware now and correcting myself."


Registered Nurse

From Ghana

"{This course} is the best. I'm so happy I'm doing this! It is totally worth it already (in session 2!), all the time and the money, totally worth it already!"

"It's amazing, it's eye opening!! This is fun!"

"I hear the differences I didn't hear before. I was watching this movie I've seen five times before. It’s so obvious…it's so clear now how they are saying things I never paid attention to before. Before it was really horrible, it was really hard…I would have to repeat things five times back and forth. Now it's much better!"

Jessica PhD, MD

Director of Clinical Research

From Ukraine

“My pronunciation has been holding me back from living a full life in some ways. I have had people try to read my lips to understand me. I did not want to wait another 13 years to find out if my speech could be better.

It was so evident, right after my first session that this was a great decision to do the program, I was like "yes, this is it.! I'm really happy I took this course. It's a very thorough, detailed, and informative, program. I'm so glad that I did it. It was very helpful!

I noticed I'm not asked to repeat myself as much any more like in the past. I used to notice people trying to read my lips to understand me or ask me to slow down. I feel like I've improved a lot.

I've been having conversations with colleagues by zoom at work. A Nigerian colleague I have never talked to before told me that she had no idea that I was from Nigeria from my accent and that she could never have been able to tell. I've never heard that before! I [wasn’t] even half way through the program yet and already getting these comments. That literally made my week!"

As soon as I started I have had to repeat myself less. I'm getting comments that are usually the opposite. I know I am not where I was 7 weeks ago! “


Registered Nurse

From Nigeria

“I have been in so many high ticket programs before; programs that were $30,000-$40,000. It's usually 40% fluff. This is 100% amazing! Every time I talk to you it's like I'm having a party in my mouth. Thank you for such the impactful work that you are doing.

I can’t see myself working with anyone but you on my speech training. You are an amazing coach!”


Digital Marketing Strategist

From India

"I'm happy! I'm glad I did it! Everything makes sense now. I was not expecting this! I'm more aware and clear when I speak. I'm more aware when I speak, and more on the phone especially. It's way better!"

I had a great time…it was fun!

Daisy achieved a 96% improvement!



From Persia

“Rebecca puts a lot of effort into how she presents the material. Her lessons are very dynamic and engaging from real world. I have improved myself a lot than before, after taking her lessons. I strongly recommend her course.


Robotics Manufacturing

From Bangladesh


Financial Analyst

From China

There is literally nothing different about you and these past successful clients, with the exception that these people went all in and signed up for the PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program. They knew they wanted a life where they weren't constantly being asked to repeat themselves but, knew they couldn't do it on their own. Sign up today, your future's waiting!


Future PROactive Pronunciation Success Story!

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