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1 On 1 Coaching Program

The "We Won’t Let You Fail" Guarantee

If you don’t get amazing results within 13 weeks – we’re talking an over 80% improvement, we will keep working with you until you do reach this goal. This probably sounds crazy, but that’s how much your results matter to us!

Client Reviews

Anya improved her English pronunciation by 90%!: "I interviewed four other programs and your program was the greatest value. It was fun! I enjoyed every lesson! I absolutely feel I know what I’m doing now!"

Review by Anya

Chan improved his English pronunciation by 89%!"I would recommend this program to others. You have been a very patient instructor, and I can tell that you care deeply about your clients’ progress. You always provided me with useful feedback when I reached out to you. And your cheerful personality made the learning experience less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Review by Chan

Patag improved his English pronunciation by 87%!“This program was very helpful for me. Rebecca Bower, the instructor, made sure that not only I understood each concept but I could easily apply it into my daily life. After this program my friends and colleagues have noticed a difference in my pronunciation and my speaking style. I highly recommend this program for those who want to learn to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t occur in their native language. If you want to remove communication barriers and raise your self-confidence then you should definitely join this program. It is customized to meet your needs.”

Review by Patag

Companies We've Worked With:

We offer a truly personalized program, to support you in becoming the most effective communicator you can be. Large companies have also enlisted our services to help their employees to become better communicators!

How The Program Works

  • Your speech is assessed and transcribed in incredible detail

  • Your unique program will be created and you will be provided with a detailed report

  • Receive interactive individualized instruction through 13 one-hour virtual sessions

  • After each session you will be provided with custom made practice materials based on your progress

  • You will receive tailored audio files and customized video files after each session to help you with your practice

  • You will receive UNLIMITED access to your instructor for unlimited feedback and support: A service you just won’t find in any other program

  • Receive unlimited customized audios and videos on demand to help you succeed and never get stuck

  • Complete a final assessment and receive a report to see your improvement and a long-term plan to maintain and progress with what you have learned

  • Feel the confidence and freedom of being able to speak English clearly

Meet Your Coach!

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

Welcome! If you're wondering why I'm specifically qualified to train professionals to reach their goals of speaking English clearly, it's because I have more than 12 years of experience in articulation and language instruction, specifically dealing with the intricacies of articulatory anatomy and physiology. I am trained in IPA transcription and am a certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor, author, and Global Educator. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Brock University and my Master of Health Science from the University of Toronto in the areas of Speech and Language.

Our Promise:

    No Fluff! No theory. Just 100% actionable material that is specific to your exact pronunciation issues. A fun interactive and truly personalized experience.

    A significant improvement in your English pronunciation (80%+).

    We value your cultural identity and will work on YOUR goals.

Let's Get Started!

Everything You Get:

The In-Depth Discovery Meetup:

This initial consultation is a chance for you to meet with me and discuss your communication needs. We go over the finer points of the program, and exactly how it will support you during and between your sessions.

Value: $47

The Initial and Final Assessments:

You complete a 5 minute recording of your speech. Those 5 minutes of speech are transcribed, which can take up to 4 hours to analyze! In order to curate a program for you we need to meticulously analyze your specific pronunciation issues and create a plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

Value: $529

The Initial and Final Assessment Reports:

You can finally see for yourself exactly what your problem areas are. No more guessing. This report will also serve as a way for you to be able to compare your pre- and post-program results. The Final Assessment Report will then show you exactly how much you have improved.

Value: $397

13 1-Hour Individualized Pronunciation Sessions:

These sessions are all completed live via video coaching. Each week we meet you will learn new pronunciation techniques. You will learn exactly HOW to speak English clearly with confidence!

Value: $2,279

Personalized Audio and Video Files:

This program is tailored to YOU. You will receive personalized audio and video files with specific instruction on what to do with your tongue, lips, and jaw to speak English clearly.

Value: $567

13 Weeks of UNLIMITED “Ask-Us-Anything” Support:

You are encouraged to submit the speech samples you're practicing from each weeks session for feedback. It's recommended to use this support outside of regular sessions to make the best out of both experiences. We're with you all week long! No other program offers this kind of support to ensure you meet your goals.

Value: $1,134

Personalized Practice Materials:

Each time you meet with us you will receive specifically curated practice materials that will be tailored to you and your needs for that week. You will only receive those exercises that will have the most impact when it comes to improving your pronunciation. No more wasting time with giant generalized work books.

Value: $1,097

BONUS #1 – The Certificate of Completion:

This certificate proves to you that you were willing to do what was necessary to change your life for the better. You should be extremely proud of the work and commitment you made to get to where you are now!


BONUS #2 – Pre and Post-Recordings:

Actually hear your results! You’ll receive a video file of your pre- and post-speech. You will have even more undeniable evidence of your pronunciation improvement!

Value: $47

That's A Total Value Of $6,097

But, You Only Pay

$2,497 CAD

A Quick Recap:

  • The In-Depth Discovery Meetup: ($47 Value)

  • The Initial and Final Assessments: ($529 Value)

  • The Initial and Final Assessment Reports: ($397 Value)

  • 13 1-Hour Individualized Pronunciation Sessions: ($2,279 Value)

  • Personalized Audio Files: ($567 Value)

  • 13 Weeks of “Ask-Us-Anything” Support: ($1,134 Value)

  • Personalized Practice Materials: ($1,097 Value)

  • BONUS #1 – The Certificate of Completion: PRICELESS

  • BONUS #2 – Pre and Post-Recordings: ($47 Value)

That’s a Total Value of $6,097

You Only Pay $2,497 CAD

Now's The Time!

If you're ready for 1 on 1 coaching the PROactive Pronunciation way, we're ready for you!

Your pronunciation has been an issue for you for long enough. The best time to do something about it is now; the only way to guarantee failure is to do nothing. Don’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Take action TODAY! You're only one click away from making a significant change that will last a lifetime.

Let's Get Started!

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