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Effective communicators speak with impact.

They speak with confidence.

Success Stories:

“My Uber drivers are now asking if I was born here! This has happened 2 times this month! I don’t have to repeat myself at all. And now I know what to do. I hold more power. I feel much more confident!”

Aphrodite had been speaking English for 6 years and was previously an English teacher in China. She explained how her English pronunciation has impacted her socially and professionally. She felt that her communication skills were holding her back from moving up in her field. Her goal was to improve her confidence and to be better understood by others. After the PROactive Pronunciation 1 on 1 coaching program, she achieved a 92% improvement in her English pronunciation!


Private Equity Associate

From China

Learn in a style that suits you:

From self-directed study to working with me directly - There's an option for you!

Success Stories:

“Your sessions are the best thing that happened in this last year! They are the greatest thing. I have the understanding now that I did not have before. I am really impressed. I didn’t expect these results.”

Nikita is from Russia and had been speaking English since she was a young child. She had tried learning from apps and other online resources before, but did not get the results she wanted. Nikita needed to improve her presentation skills. She didn’t want to have to repeat herself anymore. She wanted to feel confident speaking English and not avoid speaking anymore. After joining and completing the PROactive Pronunciation 1 on 1 coaching program, Nikita improved her English pronunciation by 78%!


PHD, Researcher, Project Coordinator

From Russia

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