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English Pronunciation Secrets

5 Stars on Amazon.ca!

Available in eBook & audiobook, paperback & hardcover!

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    "I love your book: I’m devouring it! I was going to just do 1 chapter today and I’m already through chapter 3 and I can’t stop. I love it! Others said it was unlike any other accent reduction book, so I was like, let’s see about that. But it was so true. So much so!"

    Customer Reviews

    Worth the money: Rebecca is an awesome teacher, I have gone through her accent program and have benefited a lot, this book is a must have for someone who wants to sound like a native speaker!! The tips and tricks are super helpful!!

    Review by KB

    All you need to improve your pronunciation: This book is a real game changer. It outlines all the important topics to improve your pronunciation as a foreigner. It is well researched and written and a great compendium for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation.

    Review by Sebastian Schieke

    A great compendium of info on American English pronunciation: In short, a great book to have as your accent correction workbook, but if you are serious about getting rid of that accent, consider accent coaching sessions with Mrs. Bower as well.

    Review by Saeed

    English Pronunciation is hard when you don’t know where to start.

    This book will help.

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    You can avoid wasting years of frustration. You just need the know-how and the resources.

    The PROactive Pronunciation System: A complete English pronunciation course bundled conveniently in one book!

    Have you ever tried to correct a word you’ve mispronounced, only to be told by a friend, nope, that’s not quite it? Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t actually tell the difference between some English sounds, and your native-English-speaking friends can’t explain what they are doing to make the sound because they have no clue either?

    Can you hear and pronounce the differences in the words “pill, peel, Paul, pal, pail, pile, pool, pull, poll," with confidence? The problem is that just repeating native speakers does not always help. Repetition is not the answer when you can’t hear the difference to begin with!

    English pronunciation instructor, international dialect instructor, and Speech-Language Pathologist, Rebecca Bower has unveiled the hidden mysteries of English pronunciation in English Pronunciation Secrets. She has created a comprehensive simple-to-follow audio guide to achieve clear North American English pronunciation.

    If your goal is to learn the secrets of how native North American English speakers actually pronounce the English language and to master those skills for yourself, then this is the book for you! This guide is designed to help you speak with more precise and clear General North American English pronunciation.

    Unlock the secrets in this book so you can finally speak English with clarity and confidence.


    • Connect with others so you can feel comfortable talking about more than just “where you’re from”

    • Speak English with confidence and finally enjoy conversations in English!

    • Be understood when speaking English so you can be effective when communicating

    • Speak with command so you can get that leadership position or promotion

    • Remove the barrier that has been undermining your communication and holding you back in your career and social life

    • Appear professional and polished when speaking English at work

    This guide is not your ordinary English pronunciation/accent reduction course book. In English Pronunciation Secrets, all of the mysteries of English are finally revealed! The topics that you didn’t know you didn’t know are all here.

    A typical pronunciation book touches on basic topics, but this guide dives deep into the comprehensive subject, including in-depth examples and extensive practice activities to hone your skills.

    You will learn the unique method for how to physically “feel” for your correct pronunciation.


    You will be given the keys to mastering English pronunciation, not just to learn words and sentences but to master conversation. Because isn’t effective conversation the point of it all?


    • ALL of the secrets of English pronunciation with professional speech therapy techniques

    • Produce every English sound clearly using the PROactive Pronunciation technique to FEEL how to produce sounds so you can be confident you’re doing it right!

    • Learn the difference in pronunciation between words that are nearly the same

    • Proven strategies to improve your fluency so you can be an effective communicator

    • Complete comprehensive practice exercises that move you from the simplest level (sound level) and progress you slowly up to syllables, words, phrases, sentences, reading, and finally, conversation practice, so you don’t get stuck.

    • Improve your intonation, stress, and linking to significantly impact your fluency

    • The exceptions in English: silent letters and words that are pronounced nothing like they are spelled

    • How to put your knowledge into action with extensive exercises that lead to conversation

    Imagine actually looking forward to a conversation with a co-worker or new acquaintance instead of shying away.

    Imagine being able to order your morning coffee without a thought as to whether you’ll be understood or not.

    Imagine feeling confident that your skills, knowledge, and personality will shine through, not just your pronunciation.

    Buy this book today and see for yourself how improved communication skills can change your life.

    Make this the day you finally unveil the secrets to clear, articulate English pronunciation! This is going to be a fun journey!

    5 Stars on Amazon.ca!

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    Available in eBook & audiobook, paperback & hardcover!

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